• Miss (P)K(-S)izlet.

    Thanks again for publishing the fourth review of Broadchurch. I really appreciate it!

    Bad news guys, I won’t be here (in the country) for the next two weeks and thus missing a duo of episodes. I’ll have something planned for when I get back so bear with me.

    Thanks again!

  • As usual, Patrick, an insightful review. Though, I do think you’ve underscored a couple of episodes so far – this being one of them – going on the content of your
    critique, it doesn’t appear there’s anything so substantial as to merit knocking two whole points off.

    Also, I don’t know if you’ve interpreted the dinner scene as it was intended to be. It doesn’t strike me as the families returning to normal, so much as making a desperate attempt to. The scene is very careful to depict Beth and Miller’s son, in particular, as being isolated from the smiling faces around them, clearly still struggling with the grief. Chris has shown these two to be the most openly affected by Danny’s death, and this moment merely emphasises that. And the isolation is also further touched on with Beth (“I’m so alone.”).

    I would give this episode a solid 9/10. I think Steve’s breakdown in his van after being ejected by Alec was heartbreaking. Some superb acting from Will Mellor and was my favourite moment of the entire episode.

    • Miss (P)K(-S)izlet.

      I never said they returned to normal.

      • Well, then I’m confused as to what your criticism is..? You said them doing ordinary things is what irked you, but the scene merely represents an underlining of how despite their attempts, they are not yet able to move past Danny’s murder. By saying this; “It takes a long time to get over the death of a family member through illness, and a much longer period if they were murdered.”, you are suggesting that the dinner scene represents them having returned to normal.

        • Miss (P)K(-S)izlet.

          They attempted to do ordinary things, not become normal. My criticism was that Chibnall got them doing such minimal things as dinner with friends so soon.

          • It was their forced attempt at trying to do something social, to try and get back to the way things were before all of this happened. Mark has already returned to work, and Beth is trying to do things to keep her mind from it

          • The Oncoming Hurricane

            I can confirm people do do this, from experience.

            It’s a way of attempting to take yourself away from it. Which is clearly established in the scene and it’s also clear that it doesn’t work.

  • The series is definitely getting darker now. Susan/Elaine’s threat took my totally by surprise, and a lot of the residents of the town seem to be starting to turn on each other

    I have a bad feeling that our poor man Jack is going to end up committing suicide by the end of the series, due to the events that unfolded in this episode and the things that will happen next episode (If you read the synopsis for the next episode, it says that Olly and Karen work together on an article about Jack’s past. However, the next morning when they read the paper, they discover the piece has been rewritten to make Jack look like a sex offender.) He’ll end up with everyone in the town hating him, and we all know what happens to ‘dirty old men’ in TV shows :-/ It would certainly liven things up a bit, even if it does mean losing a great character

  • You_Will_Obey_Me

    I shan’t read the review as of yet to avoid spoilers. Would you say the series is worth the watch? I’m into this sort of stuff.

    • Miss (P)K(-S)izlet.

      Most definitely. I’ll be buying the boxset and rewatching it. Broadchurch is fab!

      • You_Will_Obey_Me

        To ITVPlayer… or something!

    • Pdurston

      Definitely. It’s the best piece of crime drama I’ve seen on ITV. I highly recommend it.


      I think it’s excellent. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching it, and thoroughly enjoyed trying to work out who done this terrible deed! There is so many candidates, so many stories to be worked out, that’s made it very intriguing. Can’t wait until episode 5.

      I’d definitely recommend watching it.

    • I would definitely recommend watching it. It has been fantastic so far and I have enjoyed all the episodes. The mystery is just so vast and it’s really difficult to guess the culprit. It is one of the best crime-drama’s on television!

      I haven’t read this review yet either, but that’s because I haven’t had a chance to watch the episode yet. Hopefully I’ll have time to watch it tomorrow.

    • Short answer? Yes

  • That Awkward Silent

    I still think Mark had something to do with it. Jack and Paul (the briliant Arthur Darvill) are being set up as prime suspects and I suspect the rug will be pulled out soon revealing this to be much bigger than it appears.