• Great review. I have fallen in love with the series. If it can topple the ending of Mayday, though, I’ll be impressed; that was a superb resolution to a story which, whilst dragging at time, was captivating, clever, completely unique and utterly bizarre.

    • What actually happened in that ending by the way? I never quite understood that very last scene

      Did the twin sister become her other sister due to some psychological breakdown?

      • Hattie was into charms and magic – I assumed it was some kind of ‘message’ she’d received that if she ‘became’ her sister, she’d find out who really did it.

        • Ah, I see

          Make’s sense I suppose :-)

          But yeah, it was a good series. That scene when they find her in the tree was quite a dramatic scene

  • Brilliant Review an episode! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed these three episodes.

    My enjoyment would have been better it it was shown on BBC- Then they would be no Ad-Breaks!!!

  • Another great review Patrick. Please, keep ’em coming :-D

    I am hooked to this series now. It has some very interesting characters, and no doubt there’s more to come in terms of revelations connected to the murder. I’m still rooting for one of the characters to be killed by the end of episode 4 or 5, to spice things up a bit

    • PK-S.

      Thank you – I appreciate it.

      In fact I have some sad news.. because I’m going away in a couple of weeks, I’ll be missing two episodes of Broadchurch (*sob**sob*) but reviewing them when I return.

      • :-O

        N-no, this cannot be! Please, no!!

        PK-S: I am afraid it is true. But one day, I shall come back. Yes I shall come back. Until then, there will be no reviews. No comments, no activity. Just go forward and watch Broadchurch, and prove to me that I am not mistaken in my reviews

  • Pdurston

    Thank you so much for these reviews Pat. This series has been excellent so far and it’s been wonderful each week to read your thoughts and theories on it.

    This is unrelated to the article, but it would be great if a sequel to Broadchurch was made, showing DI Hardy investigating the Sandbrook case and seeing how be became the hard-boiled detective he is now. It could simply be called ‘Sandbrooks’.

  • This series is wonderful so far! The acting from the two leads; Colman and Tennant is sublime.

    I love how Chibnall has set up virtually everyone as a suspect. I agree with your thoughts that Pauline’s character is too obvious to be the killer.

    My suspicions are firmly on Danny’s best friend. There is something really suspicious going on with him! (Dont tell me if Im right!!!!)

    Anyway, you’ve written brilliant reviews here Patrick! I’ll be continuing my watch of Broadchurch very soon! :D

    • Reading your comment here must be like how Chris Chibnall felt reading reviews.

      He knows who the killer is as I do, so its rather fun to see you speculate.

      I won’t say whether you’re right or wrong.


    • You’re right! If you want to know why he did it, read on.

      you might not be right.

      But you probably are…