• Another great review Patrick. You pretty much hit the nail on the head in your reviewing. I have no idea how I’m going to make 6 weeks pass before I find out who the murderer is O.o

    On another related note, me and my family decided where we were going to go on holiday in August. Guess where? West Bay, where this show is filmed! :-D

    • PK-S.

      Thank you very much!

      West Bay, eh? This calls for a going-around-West-Bay-taking-snaps-of-yourself-in-front-of-various-onscreen-locations jaunt!

      So far who do you think it is?

      • I reckon that it’s the sisters boyfriend. Maybe Danny found out that his sister was having a thing with this guy, and to stop himself getting himself in trouble, he kills the boy. Actually…. That doesn’t make much sense… O.o

        Oh well. I still reckon it’s the sisters boyfriend, for whatever motive

        And yes, I shall take a photo of myself in a Tennant pose on the beach by the cliff, heh heh :-P It will feel weird walking around the town, knowing celebrities have stood where I’m standing :-D

        • PK-S.

          *puts on elderly gentlemen voice*
          Back in the day, your house was once owned by a… by a.. by a.. by a lady from Hollywood, her name.. her name.. her name was Marion. No Marilyn Monroe! Yesh, that’s it! Madeline Monlow!

          • Where is that quote from? I can’t recall it O.o

          • PK-S.

            Hush you whippersnapper!

          • Yes sir…

          • PK-S.

            *waves cane*
            Respect yer elders! That’s what I was taught.. back in the day.
            Back in the day.. *patters off into rambling WWII story*..

  • Great review. I am thoroughly enjoying Broadchurch – though I’m not sure how it will go six whole episodes without dragging at all.

    • They’ll probably add extra scenario’s throughout the series, to give it a push. Perhaps one of the characters we’ve already been introduced too could be found dead at the end of episode 4 or 5, giving the next 2-3 episodes a push

    • PK-S.

      I disagree – I think there is so much to be explored in Broadchurch. Then you’ve got the resolution, and as@ThePowerofTheDoctor:disqus says, another murder may be on the cards.