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  • ThePowerofNine

    ‘Tennant will be playing a similar character to the one he played in the UK original, but this time with an American accent.’

    The entire Broadchurch American remake in a nutshell

  • Fez_Wearing_Dalek

    Well. There goes another amazing UK TV show being made in to a horrible, horrible US remake.

    • Bob James


  • JimandCathleen

    This will kill the U.S. version. His American accent is horrible! That is what killed his last US pilot.

  • Niki Greer Davis

    Because Americans can’t handle a foreign accent?

    • Bob James


  • Timhogan

    The stupidity in this is the story has already been told. People know who the killer is, why re-watch a story with new characters but the same plot? Fox makes the worst decisions ever, I don’t understand how they’ve lasted as long as they have. They cancel the best shows, start the worst ideas, and they even though Star Wars was going to fail so they let Lucasarts keep the rights all those years ago. That worked out well for them, I’m sure this will too.

    • Stargazer0118

      It won’t be the same obviously. Some things will be changed to make it surprising again. Hope it’s a great production and worthy of David’s talent.

      • Bob James

        It only needs be satisfying to his bank account. And Chris Chibnall’s. It’s Chibnall’s show, and if he wants to pimp it out, he certainly can.

        • Stargazer0118

          Hurt they aren’t sharing any $$ with you?

          • Bob James

            Not really. I don’t think I’d feel very good about making money that way. If I really wanted to sell myself, I’d find a much more original way to do it than regurgitating my own accomplishments. Not to go all “Eccleston” here, but one really does have to decide where their integrity and convictions lie. Both of these men (Tennant and Chibnall) are more than talented enough not to have to take the low road. Too many of these Brits, in my opinion, are too willing to do anything to gain the lovely California weather, and the usually more sizable paychecks in America. Witness somebody like Benedict Cumberbatch who is making his mark without forgetting where he came from and what he is about. He’s letting his talent pave the way for his career, not compromising for the quick, short sell. He’ll keep his integrity and probably end up making the money too. Chibnall and Tennant are only going to end up disappointed, I fear, and they’ll have only have themselves to blame for the sacrifice of their credibility.

          • Stargazer0118

            Selling themselves? What? I really don’t know what you’re talking about; just because these actors want to try to make it in the US doesn’t mean they are bad people. The whole freakin planet is our home and the world deserve to witness DT’s great talent. Hope it works out for him.

  • THIS JUST IN: They have just cast Olivia Colman in the role of ‘Ellie Miller USA’, have decided to shoot in the same UK town, dubbing it ‘Broadchurch USA’, and the show will feature all the same cast members, speaking with American accents.

    Alec: Heads up, Ellie, there's been a murder USA!
    Ellie USA: Holy popcorn, Alec! Doohickey! Aluminum! Trashcan!

  • Guest
  • Koshei

    I had no idea that English in UK and US are two totally different languages. Pity that Tennant can’t make something more original instead or at least make some audios for Big Finish.

    • Bob James

      David Tennant’s wallet is hungry. So is Chris Chibnall’s.

    • Bob James

      He can, and hopefully he will.

  • Who Fan No.565

    O.O OK…… I’m really not sure where they’re going with this…….

    • Bob James


  • Instead of taking busy actors time to go and film a show that already exists, why don’t they just show the uk version in the US.

    • ThePowerofNine

      They already have XD But apparently, that isn’t enough for them


    I wonder what happens when networks have a lot of money, no ingenuity, and a lot of time slots to fill……………… O wait.

  • So they’ve aired it in America. But now they want to air the same thing again, but after pointlessly remaking it at the expense of millions of dollars.

  • Whovian Down Under

    No no no! This is one of the stupidest decisions in TV history! I don’t mean to be rude, but what they hell was he thinking when he agreed to do this? They must’ve offered him half of J K Rowling’s income! :(

  • Bob James

    I smell, oh, I don’t know, a quest for higher profits, through engaging in something completely unnecessary. Or does this little tale really stand to benefit from being reimagined in small town USA? I doubt it. I’ve got two words for it: Being Human. I’m a little disappointed in David.

  • Bob James

    Unless, this just occurred to me, David plays it as a transvestite detective, and they turn Olivia Colman’s character into a man?

  • The Administrator is Eleven

    Or David is an actor and just took a job. Actors aren’t always blessed with choosing the jobs they want to do, sometimes it has to be the ones you don’t want to do.

  • The Administrator is Eleven

    Wow. “Guest” seems to really hate Tennant and Chibnall.