• Helen Woodful

    For anyone in the UK who hasn’t seen anything of Gracepoint – big warning. It is absolutely dreadful and an insult to Broadchurch. I saw a couple of recent episodes last week. If you are a fan of David Tennant, it is doubly awful. I was really surprised at how bad his acting was in this and his American accent is appalling. David confirmed recently he was cast directly in the part without audition and I can only guess how shocked the crew and other actors must have been when he first opened his mouth on set. It’s clear he did ADR in a lot of the scenes I saw, so his accent might have improved slightly over the run and he was asked to come back and re-record earlier dialogue.
    Enjoyed the first Broadchurch, particularly Olivia Colman and the ever gorgeous Arthur Darvill, so hope both are featured heavily again and that it is as good as the first. David might get a little bit of his dignity back he lost in his cringeworthy performance in Gracepoint if he is able to pull off a reasonable effort in Broadchurch 2.