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Being Human: Whithouse on the Old Ones, New Villain

Mark Gatiss as Mr Snow

Being Human creator Toby Whithouse has revealed that Series 5 of the show will concentrate on a new villain with the Old Ones being written out in the opener.

“We’re moving on to pastures new,” he said. “In episode one there’s a scene that puts a full stop on the Old Ones, and we move on to much bigger and greater threats.”

It was previously announced that actor Phil Davis is to guest star as cruel wheelchair-confined character called Captain Hatch.

Whithouse told SFX that Davis will star in all 6 episodes and be a “complicated” villain: “I can’t tell you how happy I was when we got Phil. I was writing the first draft of episode six, which is a colossal episode for the character, and I was struggling to find the character’s voice; something about it wasn’t clicking. Then I thought, ‘Oh, y’know who’d be brilliant for this part? Phil Davis.’ Suddenly, writing that character became infinitely easier. Then we thought: ‘Let’s put an offer in… chances are he’ll say no.’ Much to our shock and delight, he accepted it. And he’s just brilliant – he’s so gloriously horrible in the role!”

Series 5 of Being Human airs early 2013 on BBC3.

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