• Jakest123

    Right now, I’m just imagining an advert about five to seven years in the future, in which a man on a pale green motorbike rolls up outside a familiar hotel, wearing a long leather jacket with a skull on the back. He begins to walk slowly up to the hotel door, and then we see him withdraw a scythe.

    All three of the trinity cheated death, and now he wants revenge.

    Too cliched?

  • snowcat60

    Interesting ending in light of the Merlin ending debacle……I would have preferred ambiguous for the Merlin show instead of definitely DEAD. No one ever wants to see their heroes/characters DEAD when ending a show. It is too depressing.

    …even if they are already dead…..lol

  • Speaking for myself, I loved that ending. Genuinely couldn’t have asked for a better one

    Can’t wait to see what that extra scene on the DVD is :-O

    • ShalkaDoctor

      Agreed. It was a great ending. My concern is that this DVD extra will spoil it. It was nice leaving it slightly open (though my personal thoughts are that the devil won). It may be better if I don’t watch the extra to preserve that element.

  • Really loved the last episode but like many I am sure I am also sad to see an end. A great series, nuff said

  • Penny

    Quick question: when does series 5 release on DVD?

    • April 18th, I think.

      • Penny

        Thank you :-)

  • Loved the ending. Great ending to a great series.

  • :-O

    Just read a theory on Den of Geek. I don’t know if anyone else had the same idea in their head, but it’s new to me

    I won’t say what it is, but if anyone is curious, it’s on Den of Geek

  • In retrospect it was the best ending, but it came as such a surprise that the series was over that I couldn’t enjoy it. I mean, why did they bother going through all the trouble of changing the main cast (and be one of the very few shows to do this successfully; i think Doctor Who is probably the only other one) only to end the series! Ridiculous! It could have gone on for much longer and now I’ve lost one of my all time favorite shows.