• Tbh i think they should end it on series 4. The show was always about George and Mitchell for me, and they’ll both be gone by the end of series 4. The way i see it, as much as it hurts to admit, it should end before it grows stale.

    • well people can think what they want.. but thats you.. there are just as many that want the show to go on…..

      • fair enough, i suppose if they handle it correctly now and cleverly change the characters, it may just work. i think the shows at a delicate stage, it can easily be messed up if they don’t get fan appeal for these new characters.

        • Same here but now everyones getting obsessed with hal (including me) but no matter what being human will always live on ven if that charecters die/leave. They are amazing at coming up with neew things to keep you watching

  • Debbe37

    I think the new series has been great, love Hall, and although I miss Mitchell, Nina and George, I think the new story line grabs your attention and takes the focus away from the old characters, I look forward to them filming in my street again.

  • Debbe37

    Hope Tbh does get the go ahead for series 5

  • I have to say i actually prefer Tom and Hal, especially Hal his character is just more interesting than Mitchell’s was. And SPOILERS if you didn’t just watch the last episode Annie is gone now and seems to have been replaced by Alex who seems like she could be a nice addition to the group. But to be fair it doesn’t matter much who the actors are or how the characters are currently it’s all about the writing and how they’re developed so we’ll just have to see where it goes.