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Being Human: The War Child (Finale) Teasers

Here are our 15 teasers for Being Human’s fourth series finale, The War Child. Review to follow.

  1. It’s a very gory finale with one big action moment
  2. Mark Gatiss’ Mr Snow is deliciously evil and quite repulsive
  3. “Do vampires die if you blow them up?”
  4. Tom doesn’t really want to build a backgarden pool, but he does need the tools
  5. “You’re just like a bloke really. A bloke with tits”
  6. Annie teaches Alex some ghost tricks and makes another Star Wars reference
  7. You get to see what happens to an uninvited vampire and it’s gruesome
  8. Hal does something really disgusting involving maggots
  9. “By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes”
  10. “You weren’t hiding. I was just giving you the afternoon off”
  11. Tom makes an unexpected move and then so does Annie. Very unexpected
  12. “GIVE ME BACK MY ******* ****!”
  13. Someone has been making sure things stay hidden from the public
  14. “They’re expecting you…”
  15. A few big characters don’t make it out of the finale. They’ll be more changes for series 5 if it goes ahead

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  • Karla North

    oh man i hope that Anne isnt leaving the show as well… since they are saying   a few big characters don’t make it out of the finale…. i hope thats not why that Alex chick is there.. to take her place… is Anne going to kill the baby and she and the ghost baby goes into the light… to be with  Mitchell..Nina and George….

  • Aj Williams

    God I hope they at least keep Hal, Tom, and Annie. Though if anyone had to go I’d hope it be Annie just because there would be no way should could take seeing another friend die.


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