• good! but maybe they should change the name of the show. none of them are trying to be human anymore. they just trying to be… safe. and out of the three they also seemed to have taken the “curse” of being a werewolf and just set tom up as a vampire slayer with a really spectacular menstrual cycle and usefully toxic blood. and while i have hopes for Alex i don’t know if she can measure up to Annie. and im not just saying that like when Mitchell died and everyone said his replacement would suck before even seeing Hal. unlike that transition, Alex just seemed like the new Annie with a different back story. and we will probably see her and Hal end up as a couple at one point.

    •  she cant measure up..the person they chose to replace her sucks.. thats just the truth of it.. i cant believe she is the best they could come up with..
      this is different from when Mitchell died.. they didnt bring the replacements in till the next season..we have had a chance to see this replacement for Annie at work.. and shes the wrong person for the part… i’d be more inclined to give season 5 a go  if they had the right person for the part..but i was already hanging on by my last thread when  Mitchell left…then the others then they got rid of Annie. and from what i have read it was the show’s decision to get rid of her..anyway…i’m glad the show is still going on but i wont be watching..anymore.. guess i’ll give the american on a try.. according to my daughter.. its nothing like the UK being human…

    • for a min there i thought that she ( Annie ) was coming back.. when Annie said to adult Eve   “then I cant go back ” and Eve said no…:”but then you were never one for following rules ”  that lead me to think that she was coming back.. till i read on line that the show.. killed her off…and she wont be coming back last of the org. cast bits the dust..

  • Jakest123

    He will rise.. could it be that guy (think his name was Mr. Rooke) who claimed to be the ‘domestic staff’ of the world? They hinted at him twice in the finale.

  • Platypus With a Fez

    He will rise. Could be many people. I’ve still to catch up with the first few episodes of series 4 so I don’t know what happened to Wyndham. Could it be him? At the end of series 3 he came completely out of nowhere and only had two scenes, but seemed like a really powerful villian.
    I’ve gotten over my despairing hope at Mitchell’s return, so it can’t be him.
    That Rooke guy intrigues me, but I’m guessing next series he’ll be the next human threat.
    I suppose it could be Hal, if the detox doesn’t go to plan. I loved the scenes where he was blood-drunk; I’d love to see a full-out evil Hal (Not in flashback form).
    And then there’s the Old Ones. All that hype for people so powerful and they were killed off before more than one got to even say a line -_-
    I really hope that isn’t the last we’ve seen of them.