• Guest

    No Mitchell, no Being Human.

    • Monkey wear Fez hold Banana

      bit drastic isn’t it?

  • Karen

    “We’ve got another intense and epic story lined up for you, with some new faces and old”

    They killed off all the good “old” characters now!

  • Yuki

    I don’t think I could watch it without Mitchell.

  • Tosh

    Don’t like mitchell

  • IamHuman

    So are they going to get a replacement vampire?

  • Armstrong

    cant believe Mitchell is dead ! ! brilliant series but it will not be the same without him, does he have a twin brother who is also nearly a hundred years old ?

  • RyanMontyGeronimo

    Mitchell only got interesting towards the end of Series 3. He was boring and stale for the first two series, and I’m kinda glad he’s gone.But I really hope they don’t bring the kid vampire in (Adam). I’m more sad of Herrick’s demise, as he had real depth and villiany, but the new guy looks good enough. Finally an old era vampire :)

    • being human mad kid

      fail adam was funny wht becoming human that is sick 2 and Mitchel best cum back

    • Aandnfromantwww

      what how can you not like mitchell and you like herrick omg

  • Braid7

    No, without Mitchell I won’t be watching the new season.

    • Monkey wear Fez hold Banana

      Nathan is leaving Misfits but I’m still watching :D
      yeah it won’t be the same but I think they’ve got some good stroylines for the next series and it’d be a shame if people stopped watching it purely because one character left.

  • Radio_Cloud

    I wouldnt bother watching without Mitchel. Maybe I would put up with a few episodes without him, but unless you bring him back I wont stay committed to the series.

  • RyanMontyGeronimo

    Aidan’s schedule is filled for the next three years. He will never be coming back to Being Human. I’m glad Toby gave him a proper death.

  • reeny

    mitchell makes being human. yeh george nina and annie make me laugh.
    but mitchell brings the darker side into the equasion.
    i cant imagine what it will be like without him.

  • Vessue

    Herrick came back because George rip his head off or something and if you remember Herrick says if he would of staked him, he wouldnt come back. Mitchell was staked so I don’t think he will come back as a vampire.

  • Bedford

    I think it would be cool if george and ninas baby could transform at anytime or maybe just partly transform and be able to kill werewolves. Series 4 will be awesome hopefully tom will come back and be like a vampire assassin and there will be a war. hope mitchell comes back.

  • Bedford

    dam i meant kill vampires not werewolves

  • Vikki

    I’ve just had a horrible thought that they’ll do what supernatural did with Ruby – bring Mitchell back somehow but in another body… I hope not but that would solve their casting problem :(

  • Pizzapie1988

    cant see it working without mitchell , hope they prove me wrong or just bring him back.

  • Pizzapie1988

    cant see it working without mitchell , hope they prove me wrong or just bring him back.