• Anonymous

    Ooh, exciting, wonder when it will return to our screens?

  • Great titles, very excited for series 4 now! Interesting to see George in the background of the promo pic… It’ll be great to have Tom as the main werewolf now, though.

  • Nathan Tancock

    Where’s Nina? And Cutler (Andrew Gower’s new character? Still, I assume that the baby of George and Nina will arrive in either episode 6 or 7, from the titles. And episode 2: Being Human 1955 – Any chance of Mitchel and Herrick appearing in flashbacks? (Crosses fingers!)

    • I don’t know what happened to Cutler being in the show… as far as I know Damien Molony’s character just sort of took over what Cutler was going to be. But the absence of Nina is intriguing :)

    • Cutler absolutely is in the show and can actually be seen in the background of the pic. It looks like George’s reflection but that is him. More details tomorrow.

      • Nathan Tancock

        Thanks. I did think that the person in the background looked like him, but I wasn’t sure.