• Carol

    Sorry to see him go, but unless they could find another way to find him not guilty of the murders on the train, I see no other way, doesn’t mean I like it.

  • Claireharpel

    I’m sorry but it just definitely won’t be the same without Mitchell. Right when he died I screamed NOOOO! haha But I probably won’t be able to watch Being Human anymore if Mitchell isn’t in it. Which is sad cause I love the show, but no Mitchell then no watch for me.

  • Stella09

    The series will have lost a huge element for me and I dont think I’ll want to continue watching without Mitchell. He was a great contrasting character and the others will be lost without him.
    I’ve loved the series until now, and will prefer to remember it as it was.

  • Bob

    Being human goes all cuddly…. Mitchell raised the interesting questions and the moral ambiguity. Have some respect, change the name if you’re going to turn it in to a supernatural family friendly do gooder vs. the evil horde borefest.

  • gabriel

    i’m sad he’s dead but i loved the pilot for what it was and sent a message to the bbc at the time requesting it be made a series. and at that point it wasn’t even the same actor. i’ll give it a chance.

  • I have to agree with everyone here when Mitchell died the show died with him.