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Being Human: Original Cast Won’t Return in Series 5

being-human-series3-promo-picBeing Human creator Toby Whithouse has ruled out the return of the original cast in the upcoming fifth series.

Speaking about the finale in the new issue of SFX, he says: “This one has cameos from two guests from last year… no, Mitchell isn’t coming back, because he’s dead. And so are George and Nina.”

Whithouse also teased the new villain Captain Hatch, played by Phil Davis.

“It’s a brilliant performance, imbued with such presence and danger, and that effortless evil that Phil does so well. I wrote it, but I’m genuinely chilled by some of the stuff he does. And he’s not afraid of making himself look ghastly. Hatch goes through a transformation as we get towards the end, but up until that point Phil was happy to make himself look utterly rancid!”

Explains Davis: “He’s very clever and very funny. He kills people with a smile on his face – or persuades them to kill themselves. I want the audience to enjoy his evil and be scared of him at the same time. I want them to be laughing and then stopping dead.”

Whithouse also promises a finale to remember: “We’re not only told what Captain Hatch’s plan is but we see it played out, in some of the biggest setpieces we’ve ever done. And the end will leave you guessing. There will be much discussion about the end…”

Being Human returns soon on BBC3.

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  • That Awkward Silent

    Mark Gatiss was criminally underused last series. Hopefully the same wont occur for mr Phil Davis

    • Jakest123

      True, he was made out to be a massive threat, but didn’t actually do much in his episode. I don’t think they gave themselves enough time to establish his character. If he’d been around for at least the episode before the finale, he could have been much better.


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