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Being Human: Andrew Gower is Cutler

When Being Human returns next year, there will be a new vampire in town.

That vampire is called Cutler and he will be played by actor Andrew Gower.

Gower most recently appeared in ITV’s Monroe as Andrew. He also starred in alongside Lacey Turner (Lia) in Frankenstein’s Wedding ‘Live in Leeds’.

Cutler won’t be the only vamp on the scene though. It was recently confirmed that Adam (Craig Roberts) from Adam’s Family / Becoming Human will be back for an episode. The “Old Ones” will also return.

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  • Monkey wear Fez hold Banana

    COOL! :D

    • soph

      how is dis kwl. u div. shup, its guna suk 

  • Davesin123


  • Alisha Maughan

    right im not going to enjoy being human coz mitchell is not in it since he died and u can just see that this new person is going to be useless 

  • Tealites

    If Mitchell does not return chances are I will not watch. We need a sexy, dangerous vamp.


    WTF!! you cant replace MITCHELL he is being human. FFS. dikedz. you no it guna be syt now.ARGH!


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