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Being Human: 407 “Making History” Review

If last week’s comedic offering left you wanting something a little darker from Being Human, then the penultimate episode of series 4 will not disappoint.

There’s a lot going on in Making History. We have flashbacks to the past with Hal and Cutler; trips to the post-apocalyptic future with Annie and Eve; and back in the present, Hal succumbs to bloodlust while Tom falls into a deadly trap. And that’s not to mention the long promised arrival of the Old Ones.

As the conclusion of Puppy Love revealed, the mysterious blonde woman who was trying to kill Eve, was in fact Eve from the future. This revelation wasn’t much of a shock, with many people speculating as such. But alas, Eve takes Annie on a tour of a grim future that supposedly awaits her and explains why she’s been trying to off her baby-self.

While Being Human lacks the budget to fully realise the apocalyptic events that have taken place, the desolate, grey landscapes and use of audio flashbacks illustrate this bleak world surprisingly well.

Up until we haven’t learned a great deal about Cutler, other than his plans to expose werewolves for his own gain. So it’s pleasing to see his backstory gets fleshed out here. Through several flashback sequences we learn his history and the one who turned him into a vampire. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out who it is.

If you’ve not been a fan of Cutler, this episode may just turn you around when you learn his tragic history. It’s also gives Andrew Gower a chance to add another dimension to the character, rather than the sarcastic, know-it-all he’s been playing all series.

Many of Cutler’s flashbacks feature Hal and we see him at his nastiest when he teaches someone a particularly cruel and gruesome lesson. Damien Malony continues to impress here. But this cold side is not left entirely in the past, once Hal gets a taste for blood again. Shortly after, he goes on another date with Alex which predictably ends in disaster. From then on their relationship only continues to get stranger as some big changes take place.

Meanwhile, Tom is still being played like a fiddle by Cutler. He is wined and dined by the manipulating vampire and then left in a very bad spot. Unfortunately, the poor naive werewolf doesn’t realise this until it’s too late.

It’s a tension-filled episode that will leave you hooked. It ends with a cliffhanger with our heroes in some dangerous places. The week long wait is going to be a long one.

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  • Gideon Harris

    …Okay cultfix I’m going to raise my expectation for this episode…   

  • ilidia manuela

    I’m sure, Hal is Eve’s nemesis


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