• The last teaser has got me rather worried O.o

    How can it be neither a good ending or a bad ending :-O

    • It should be clarified that it means “bad” in the evil sense of the word. Also there is a clue with the other teasers. Can’t say, but It’s an ending open to interpretation. Think along the lines of Inception.

      • Oooooh :-O

        Thanks for clarifying that though! I thought it meant bad as in poor. Now it’s got me even more worried than before :-O But I suppose it’s a ‘good worried’

        By the way, I never did say. Thanks for all these teasers for Being Human :-) It’s a little heartbreaking to know this is the last set of teasers we’ll ever get for the show :-/

        • Jakest123

          I reckon it’ll be revived someday. Maybe not with the same actors, but it will someday… I’ll make sure.

      • Penny

        I have literally just watched Inception! The credits are playing as I type this. It has one of the best endings I’ve ever seen, so if it’s anything like that… I’ll die… or will I just wake up???

  • Jakest123

    With number 9, I guess there’s going to be a lot of references to Satan’s past, like he previously mentioned being backstabbed, which was secretly a reference for being ‘thrown out of heaven for having too much pride’