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Being Human: 506 “The Last Broadcast” Teasers

being human series 5 finale (4)

Well here we are with our final set of hints and teasers for the last ever episode of Being Human. Our full verdict soon (hint: it’s a good ‘un.)

  1. Only half the episode takes place in the present. Or does it?
  2. Two returning characters are used fleetingly
  3. “I’m a bloody X-man!”
  4. There is an intense Hal and Tom fight
  5. Hatch does indeed make a last broadcast
  6. “It’s basically a Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse thing, but i’m doing it on my own”
  7. There’s an interlude
  8. “Nobody gets out of this alive. The ritual kills off all participants”
  9. Listen very carefully to the dialogue. It’s loaded with double meaning
  10. Laser sight… boom!
  11. “There’s no shame in living in a dream if it’s better than living in reality”
  12. Annie, George, Mitchell and Nina all get a nice mention
  13. Watch out. Appearances can be deceiving!
  14. “I’m the bloody devil. How do you know I can’t travel through time?”
  15. It’s a happy ending… No, it’s definitely a bad ending… Erm…

The episode airs Sunday 10 March at 10pm on BBC3.

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  • ThePowerofSherlock

    The last teaser has got me rather worried O.o

    How can it be neither a good ending or a bad ending :-O

    • Cult Fix

      It should be clarified that it means “bad” in the evil sense of the word. Also there is a clue with the other teasers. Can’t say, but It’s an ending open to interpretation. Think along the lines of Inception.

      • ThePowerofSherlock

        Oooooh :-O

        Thanks for clarifying that though! I thought it meant bad as in poor. Now it’s got me even more worried than before :-O But I suppose it’s a ‘good worried’

        By the way, I never did say. Thanks for all these teasers for Being Human :-) It’s a little heartbreaking to know this is the last set of teasers we’ll ever get for the show :-/

        • Jakest123

          I reckon it’ll be revived someday. Maybe not with the same actors, but it will someday… I’ll make sure.

          • ThePowerofSherlock

            I hope so. I really do

      • Penny

        I have literally just watched Inception! The credits are playing as I type this. It has one of the best endings I’ve ever seen, so if it’s anything like that… I’ll die… or will I just wake up???

  • Jakest123

    With number 9, I guess there’s going to be a lot of references to Satan’s past, like he previously mentioned being backstabbed, which was secretly a reference for being ‘thrown out of heaven for having too much pride’


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