• Aw, it’s finally here :-(

    Well, your name is isn’t stated at the top of this review, but whoever you are, thank you for writing these reviews. I’ve enjoyed every single one, and you’re usually accurate in your reviewing of the episode. Well done :-)

    Now, onto the final episode. I really don’t know whether to look forward to this episode or not. It’s the final episode, so it’s going to be pretty exciting, but it’s the last thing we’ll see of Being Human!! :-( I’ll have to decide after the episode over which point counters the other

  • Penny

    I don’t know whether I should watch it… then it doesn’t have to end!?

    • Rip the episode up!!


      • Penny

        Convince myself that there’s a series 6! It’s just taking a while to make. Toby Whithouse has writers block.

  • Well, here it is. I don’t want it to end :-(


  • :-O That ending!! I genuinely never thought that would happen. Brilliant ending :-D

  • NotQuiteATimeLord

    My watching of this episode has been hampered by an annoying 10 year old sister, hopefully I’ll get to watch the last 20 minutes tonight!