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Being Human: 506 “The Last Broadcast” Finale Review

being human series 5 finale (5)

After five years and five series it’s time to say goodbye to Being Human. So does the final ever episode deliver? In short, yes!

When we left the Honolulu Housemates last week, Hal had decided to embrace his evil nature, Tom was getting ready to stake his former best friend for the murder of Natasha, and Alex had been imprisoned within her coffin by the newly revived Hatch. It’s not a spoiler to reveal that Alex escapes her predicament (given all the publicity material shows her back in the gang!) The resolution isn’t particularly inspired but it services a nice joke (and bit of a nod to a certain classic Stephen King horror).

If you’ve seen the preview clip for this episode then you know it opens with a superb little musical number from Hal as he celebrates his return to the dark side. It’s the last chance for the show to have a bit of fun before the bleaker overall tone sets in. Granted there are still a few jokes, but this is a much more serious episode than in previous weeks, as it should be. When Tom catches up with Hal, a thrilling fight ensues, but soon enough the pair are forced to realise that there is a greater threat to the world in the form of Hatch.

Indeed, since leaving the Barry Grand, Hatch has had some fun with the local populace and things are not looking good for the world. The Trinity walk the deserted Cardiff streets (well, minus all the bodies) in a moment that echoes post-apocalyptic films like 28 Days. The episode doesn’t waste any time getting to the confrontation with the devil himself, and it doesn’t disappoint. Phil Davis is better than ever and cements himself as perhaps the show’s best villain (yes, maybe even better than Herrick.) After giving a superb villainous speech on the state of the human race, things take an unexpected turn and we find the trio separated and in an entirely different reality, though one that is familiar to them.

You can tell the budget was saved for the finale as it’s going all out. The amount of locations and production values are far higher than previous episodes this year. There’s some accomplished direction from Daniel O’Hara, definitely his best work this series. The scenes with Hal are a particular highlight, from the choreography of the dance number to the eerily serene atmosphere as he confronts his vampire origins.

All the cast are at their best here giving a memorable final performance. It explores the heart of all three characters and each are given closure to some degree. There’s appearances from a couple of past characters, though they are more cameos than anything. Don’t expect the original cast, although they do get a pleasing mention.

As for the ending, what can be said without venturing into major spoiler territory? Not a lot, save to say it is an ambiguous Chris Nolan flavoured conclusion and one that will cause much debate among the fans. In terms of whether it is the ending the show deserved, it’s certainly a fitting one. The debate will rage over exactly what it means. The clues are there, scattered throughout, but it is really yours to interpret.

The greater question is: should the show have been cancelled? Many would argue no, but perhaps it is best the show goes out on a high like this rather than become a shadow of its former self? Indeed this year there have been signs of repetition and it has lost some of its freshness if you have been following from the beginning. We’ll miss it, but at least it will be remembered fondly.

Now back to that ending…


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  • ThePowerofSherlock

    Aw, it’s finally here :-(

    Well, your name is isn’t stated at the top of this review, but whoever you are, thank you for writing these reviews. I’ve enjoyed every single one, and you’re usually accurate in your reviewing of the episode. Well done :-)

    Now, onto the final episode. I really don’t know whether to look forward to this episode or not. It’s the final episode, so it’s going to be pretty exciting, but it’s the last thing we’ll see of Being Human!! :-( I’ll have to decide after the episode over which point counters the other

  • Penny

    I don’t know whether I should watch it… then it doesn’t have to end!?

    • ThePowerofSherlock

      Rip the episode up!!


      • Penny

        Convince myself that there’s a series 6! It’s just taking a while to make. Toby Whithouse has writers block.

  • ThePowerofSherlock

    Well, here it is. I don’t want it to end :-(


  • ThePowerofSherlock

    :-O That ending!! I genuinely never thought that would happen. Brilliant ending :-D

  • NotQuiteATimeLord

    My watching of this episode has been hampered by an annoying 10 year old sister, hopefully I’ll get to watch the last 20 minutes tonight!


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