• I can tell next week is going to feel like a year D-: Last episode was amazing

  • Penny

    I take back what I said last week. It can and has been done and it doesn’t feel rushed at all. What a cliffhanger! Brilliant and thrilling. Simply cannot wait for the next episode. SUCH FUN!

    • What did I say? :-D

      • Penny

        Okay you were right! I thought I was probably wrong anyway, as it is created by Toby Whithouse :-)
        Alex’s character development has been absolutely brilliant, that’s one thing I’m very impressed with.

  • Penny

    They’ve just this minute released a new trailer for the final episode!

    • Puttin on the Ritz

      Next episode is gonna be a whopper :-O

    • Added. It’s not a trailer. That’s the first scene after the opening title.

      • Penny

        Thank you for adding that clip, but that’s not it. There was an actual trailer with new scenes and clips. I posted that comment literally a minute after it aired..

  • Damn. I’ve suddenly adopted a strong like of “Puttin on the ritz”. Someone make Damien record the full song?? >:-(