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Being Human: 505 “No Care, All Responsibility” Teasers

being human 505 pics (4)

Here are Cult Fix’s hints and teasers for the penultimate episode of Being Human’s final series entitled “No Care, All Responsibility.” Review coming up soon.

  • There’s a important opening flashback to 15 years earlier. Its significance only becomes clearer later on
  • “Don’t you worry about the ghost, they have a habit of just fading away…”
  • What appears to be a chance meeting is far from
  • Tom’s last love interest, Alisson hasn’t been forgotten about
  • “What happens if she’s like, y’know a succubus?”
  • Paperclips come in handy
  • Hal has a new drinking buddy
  • Tom still needs to learn about the birds and the bees
  • Curiosity killed the cat (again)
  • Rook shares an important connection with a certain character
  • This one’s not for the squeamish
  • “I’m only *** ******* ***** sweetheart!”
  • “HE WILL RISE” is used in the most chilling way yet
  • Everything’s going to hell in the last 10 minutes
  • Oh my! What a cliffhanger… How will they get out of this!?

The episode airs 3 March 2013 at 10pm on BBC3.

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  • The Eternal

    “I’m only *** ******* ***** sweetheart!” – The f****ing devil?

  • The Eternal

    “I’m only *** ******* ***** sweetheart!” – The F****** Devil ?

    • ThePowerofSherlock

      I think that is it :-P

  • ThePowerofSherlock

    No idea how I’m going to wait until Sunday for this :-O As if enough was happening on Sunday already!!

    The cliffhanger sounds really tantalizing, and I think I know how “He Will Rise” is put into use already :-O

  • Esterath

    So excited!


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