• Penny

    I’m getting rather worried now as (after watching the latest episode) I fear that there isn’t enough time. Let me explain a little bit more thoroughly.
    I love this storyline, and I think that it’s great… (there’s a “but” coming) BUT, I just don’t see how they can fit the rest of the storyline into two more episodes.
    Every episode is 1 hour long, so – stating the obvious – there’s only two hours left of a story to finish the whole show off forever! Now, when you put it like that… it may knock some reality back into motion.
    The Captain Hatch / Devil trouble needs to be resolved, as well as Mr Rooke’s – not to mention bringing Tom, Alex and Hal’s characters closure, as well as any other things that still may be unresolved.
    It just all seems too much to me, two hours! However they do it, it’s certainly going to be extremely rushed and that’s very bad indeed. I have faith in Toby Whithouse, it’s just that I think they’ve left too much to be done in so little time.
    As well as that harrowing problem, comparing it to last series .. to put it bluntly, so far: it doesn’t compare. With the Old Ones, there was always a sense of urgency, like the clock was always ticking down to something horrible whereas with this series, the villain has only made people commit suicide, and persuaded someone to let a werewolf loose in a hotel – something which Mr Snow mocked last time. I personally don’t feel any sense of immediate danger at this present time…
    We’ve just got a manipulative pensioner roaming round a hotel with two hours to complete the show and the series.
    No pressure.
    I’m seriously hoping that the next episode improves, and that we finally get a climactic epic episode like series 4 because right now… I’m not feeling it.
    Toby Whithouse I trust you, don’t let me down!

    • http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0132324 ThePowerofRook

      Well, I’m not sure if you read the “Final Ever Episode Synopsis”, but if you have, then you must know that a lot of things will happen in this episode, in order for all the things in the final episode to happen. If you haven’t read it, trust me, things will happen :-)

      On the subject of things not being in ‘immediate danger’, I think they’re taking a different approach this time. As Hal says, it’s like a ‘tidal wave’. No doubt the 5th episode will leave us with a cliffhanger, leading into the things we’ve been told in the synopsis of the final episode :-P

      • Penny

        I’ve read the synopsis, but I still fear that it’ll be extremely rushed.
        I’m hopeful and I’m sure that it will meet my hopes and more… but it’s one hell of a job to do