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Being Human: 504 “The Greater Good” Teasers

being human 504 (2)

Here are Cult Fix’s hints and teasers for the fourth episode of Being Human Series 5. Review coming up soon.

  • Witness the horrifying sight of Crumb in his pants!
  • “I am not cleaning up any poo”
  • Tom’s become a bit of a snob since he was promoted
  • Hal’s dominoes are back and so is Tom’s chicken
  • There’s a cheesy Rocky-ish montage
  • 666
  • Alex goes on a date with Crumb. Yes, really!
  • Thankfully we’re spared of learning Crumb’s 11 favourite cheeses
  • We get to find out how many werewolves are at large
  • Tom wakes up naked next to another man. Not how it sounds
  • Bad things happen when Rook and Hatch talk
  • We won’t be seeing someone again next week
  • “You can’t go back now! You’ve unlocked the door; you’ve made your choice”
  • Two vampires take a deadly drink

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  • ThePowerofTheDoctor

    “We won’t be seeing someone again next week”. I think it either means Crumb or Alex. I say Alex because of the “You can’t go back now! You’ve unlocked the door; you’ve made your choice” teaser

    • TARDIS44

      I disagree. Alex has already been mentioned about the final ever episode, so I reckon it will be Rook. Especially if he meets Hatch…

      • ThePowerofTheDoctor

        But it’s stated in the final episode cast that Rook will be there. And one of the details of the episode is “Alex is trapped in a hellish prison by Captain Hatch.”

  • Jakest123

    I reckon Crumb is going to go bye-bye in this episode.


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