• There is no Ian. There is only Crumb! Ahahaha

    I have to admit, that had me giggling. That Werewolf looks rather menacing as well :-O

  • That Awkward Silent

    I really hope the Crumb storyline ends in this episode. It’s not that he isn’t funny, it’s just that it’s now taken four episodes to deal with him when really he should have been disposed off in one and more focus should be on Captain Hatch. Of course maybe Whithouse intends to tie the two plot lines together (Hatch, Rook and Crumb) for the finale but I hope not. At the moment I feel that the storylines have nothing in common and are just ideas they had for this series and the next series tied into one since they only have this series left.

    • I think that Crumb is going to play a bigger part in the chain of events further into the series :-P