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Being Human: 503 “Pie and Prejudice” Teasers


Here are Cult Fix’s hints and teasers for the third episode of Being Human Series 5.

  • The story arc is largely on hold this week, with no sign of Hatch or Crumb
  • Mary and Larry both hide a secret
  • Mind reading is put to “interesting” use
  • “Five minutes with you and she’s threatening to castrate people”
  • Tom gets his own business card and suit
  • “I don’t think smashing a windscreen is going to help me climb the mountain of success”
  • Rook bites the bullet, or does he?
  • “Loving that whole Downton Abbey thing you’ve got going on”
  • The important issue of ghosts not be able to have baths is brought up
  • “This is your chance to be the wise man who walks away and lives to see another day…”
  • McNair’s gravestone is revisited
  • “How long until you kill again Hal?”
  • Hal and Tom both battle the stake
  • Watch out for a final twist

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  • That Awkward Silent

    We’re already at the halfway point!!!!!!! :( I don’t want Being Human to go.

  • ThePowerofTheDoctor

    That one at the end is interesting. I’m also interested in seeing what the teaser about Rook means

    • Itsame Mario

      Hmm, I reckon Rook will come back as a ghost and try and get some form of revenge on those who wronged him…


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