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Being Human: 502 “Sticks and Rope” Teasers

being human 502 (5)

Here are Cult Fix’s hints and teasers for the second episode of Being Human Series 5, Sticks and Rope.

  • Alex’s brothers make an appearance
  • “Well that was stupid, now none of us have got a job”
  • It all goes a bit Hellraiser later on
  • Christmas comes early to Honolulu Heights
  • “Oh my god! Dead Victorian kids are so annoying”
  • Tom is designated a rather unpleasant job
  • Is Toby Whithouse becoming a regular in his own show?
  • “I have killed men and women and children, so just think how easy it will be to kill you!”
  • Egg on his face? More like jam
  • “You would take his place in hell?”
  • Alex teaches Hal how to be a slacker
  • “You must think i’m a right noob!”
  • Captain Hatch is deliciously evil
  • “You’re too late. The end has begun”
  • Someone meets a bloody and gruesome end

The episode airs Sunday 10 February at 10pm on BBC3.

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