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Being Human: 501 “The Trinity” Teasers


Here are Cult Fix’s hints and teasers for Being Human’s Series 5 opener, The Trinity.

  • There’s a Old One still around, and it’s not Hal
  • “I’m not letting a good man die of grief just to protect the f***ing Twilight franchise”
  • Someone’s got a crush on Hal
  • “If you were to take charge of the vampires, we could strike an accord between our two worlds”
  • Hal has the easiest job interview ever, while Tom’s proves a little more difficult
  • Keep an eye out for Mr Rook, or he’ll take yours
  • There’s a cameo from show creator Toby Whithouse
  • Tom knocks Hal out
  • “I shall summon *** ***** by telling him that the vampire and werewolf armies are battling him”
  • Don’t be fooled. Captain Hatch hides the most evil secret of them all

Being Human returns Sunday 3rd February at 10pm on BBC3.

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