• BBC are angry? BBC ARE JUST ANGRY?!?!?!?

    … I’ve been shooting walls, burning scarecrow’s with ELEMENTARY SUCKS LIKE HELL, and screaming louder than Sherlock. They’re ONLY ANGRY!?!?!?!? WELL I’M PSYCHOPATHICALLY FURIOUS ABOUT THIS, KEEP OUT OF MY WAY OR I WILL BUUUUUUURN YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  • whovianfromyorkshire

    I aren’t at all happy about this decision. The US are evidently ripping off a great UK show because of the success of our version. I say though, let them do it. I would watch it but I’m sure the fan base would be minimal. 

  • About a month ago or so, on another page, someone said that the US already have a programme that is a modern take on Sherlock Holmes.  When they said it was The Mentalist, I laughed.  The Mentalist is a good show (in my opinion) and does take influence from Sherlock Holmes, but also takes influence from other shows such as Murdoch Mysteries and Agatha Christies Poirot, and is in fact more based on the show Psych, than Sherlock Holmes.

    The Mentalist works, because it is set in America, not trying to be England, and it has American actors playing their role, not trying to live up to that of Sherlock Holmes.  It isn’t the “US version of Sherlock”.  It is a show that has taken influence from the stories of Conan Doyle.  I say that it isn’t the “US version of Sherlock” as well because The Mentalist came out before Sherlock did.

    In short, if they are going to do a show, then it should be based on, and influenced by Sherlock (and give the BBC credit for the idea of the modern take) and Sherlock Holmes, but not actually a remake of the show or books.  IT WILL NOT WORK!
    But I’m willing to give it a chance.  I like many American shows (the CSIs, Supernatural, Boardwalk Empire and True Blood) so they always get 3 chances (so 3 episodes), so they better try hard to please an angry nation

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  • TARDISkey123

    Yes, exacly… They even admitted it… Our Sherlock did so well so now they’re going to take their spin of it. I don’t blame the BBC I mean c’mon. America have literally copied every hit show Britain has ever created, eccept Doctor Who and if they do try and take Doctor Who I will be soooo furious. No offence to them but c’mon… Think up some of your own ideas instead of copying. I can write tones of lists of shows that America have copied.

    • Anonymous

      They did try to copy Doctor who, the 1996 film was supposed to be a precursor to a new series for audiences in America. Obviously it flopped so it didn’t go ahead, and thank goodness for that for that as the pilot was awful. 

      • TARDISkey123

        That was just a film and a series didnt go ahead but if they did create a series then Id be furious

        • I’d have jumped off St. Bartholomew to help the case. Or would I? Maybe, just maybe, I’m secretly alive, waiting for the right moment to strike…

  • Anonymous

    If it helps, we non-tv-execs in the states aren’t too keen on the idea either. Sigh . . .

  • Guest

    We non-tv-execs in the states aren’t too keen on it either. Sigh . . .

  • Anonymous

     Lets take Superman and have him born and raised in London. ‘FOR TRUTH, FOR JUSTICE AND THE BRITISH WAY!

  • BBC, we’re not happy, either. Stick to original American drama, rather than copying our ideas, CBS!

  • Anonymous

    It must be all about money, CBS have seen how successful Sherlock has been and they’re trying to profit from their own version.  Otherwise it makes no sense to imitate a show that is authentically British. It is not so much the 21st century theme that has made the show so popular, more the excellent writers, production team and actors involved. 

  • Anonymous

    This whole thing makes my blood boil

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I live in Ukraine but I`m a little bit angry too :) I watch both UK and Ameracan tv shows, and the more I watch the more I see US copying UK ideas. I didn`t even start watching their Life on Mars, because I just saw UK series. Cant get why are they copying shows IMEDIATELY…. Oh, yeah because of the moneymaking by using the popular idea. But almost always it looks poor. As  poor as the russian copies of Doctor House, Fugitive or old Arnold Schwarzenegger movies…
    Just yesterday I was guessing about what the US Sherlock Holmes will be looks like, maybe he will be more or less classic, but something will be TOO american: Watson will be afroamerican or (OMG) be women :)  (as M in James Bond…) Crap….sorry guys, this rediculous guessing may come true. If it will, you must do some payback like dressing their Superman in a scotish skirt or something :)

  • This is so pointless, the whole 2 Sherlocks thing will make the money split and there will be less money for both, very stupid

  • Calebxy

    If they make their own version of Doctor Who, I *will* sue.

  • How can you possibly have ‘American’ Sherlock?

    I mean no offence to our friends across the Atlantic but the original Sherlock Holmes novels and short stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle were set in London, England! You can’t just take the core of where Sherlock originally made his name and appealed to his original audience and stomp all over it and THEN expect it to work. Without the setting of 221B Baker Street in London, Sherlock may as well just be another one of the MANY detectives on the innumerable crime dramas that already exist over there.

    I love the idea someone mentioned below that having an American Sherlock was like the BBC adopting a British Superman. How ridiculous. Way to be original with your ideas, CBS. If I were the BBC, I’d sue.

  • Dear Americans,
    No offence
    As awesome as you are but
    You won’t have the utter cuteness of Benedict Cumberbatch.
    Or the mindf**kery of the Moff.
    Yours, Dragon (And the rest of the Sherlockians)

    • Dear America,
      Read what Dragon said.
      Think of me.
      Remember my evil tomato army.
      I’m always watching…
      Yours, JerryTomato

  • Anonymous

    Having an American Sherlock makes as much sense as having an American version of Doctor Who. Pointless.

  • Stupidest.

    I completely understand why the BBC is not pleased.

    Sherlock Holmes (no matter the time frame) is and should always be British. The line that really infuriated me was ‘Fresh American faces in the role.’
    What the bloody hell? How can they expect it to suceed if it’s Americanised? One of Sherlock Holmes’s key points is how beautifully BRITISH it is. Not to mention Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are the best Sherlock and John ever.

    Rant over.
    Oh, and I’m American, in case anyone’s wondering.

  • Anonymous

    This makes me so mad, dear America do you see us stealing Superman and making him drink tea? No? THEN LEAVE OUR SHERLOCK ALONE!

  • Anonymous

    In my opinion that was the best picture they could have used for the situation.

  • i am truly sorry for my people’s actions. It seems as if we have started to copy every show from Britain. I agree it is a stupid idea, I think we should stick with superpower heroes. Bun nonetheless I doubt the american sherlock will be as good as British. Cumberbatch is irreplaceable.    

  • Oh dear god.
    Why do my people have to ruin everything.

  • I hope this gets axed and never airs, because whenever takes an English show and tries to ‘remake’ it, it always goes horribly wrong.
    Shameless, for example, is a really good show. It’s iconic for it’s main character, Frank, and Shameless USA completely killed it.
    Please can you just leave our shows alone? It’s not often we get a good English series (we usually just watch Amerian TV), so when we do make one as great as Sherlock, it’s SPECIAL to everyone over here.
    Having the USA try and do a take on it is just plain offensive. Fair dues if you make a good version, but you killed everything Sherlock is!
    John is a man for a reason! I’m a girl, and no, I don’t think Lucy Liu can cut it.
    Sherlock and John were written to be English, take that away and guess what you’re making? You’re not making Sherlock; it’s a show with their names shamelessly slapped onto bland American characters. It’s not ‘Sherlock Holmes’, you just printed his name on a poorly thought out character, and as for John– Oh, sorry, JOAN, same goes for her!
    Sherlock USA – or ‘Elementary’ – disgusts me completely.
    /end rant

    (P.S – Just because my name is ‘Stupid’ does not mean I necessarily am. I know when American is acting out of line, and wish it would just behave.)

  • I  hope this slaughters Steven Moffat’s Sherlock to slap him in the face with the appalling way he has destroyed Doctor Who. He has turned a nearly 50 year old fantastic Sci Fi program into a weekly soap opera drivel! Last year’s baby and trying to marry off the Doctor was so bad! This and the comments made by Steven Moffat shows that Doctor Who is not the centre of his career at the moment and over the last 2 years Doctor Who has taken a back seat for him.
    So bring on Elementary!!!!! Good luck to Lucy Lui and the rest of the cast. You have my support!

    • Ben265

      What you have said is your own opinion, it is not fact. Also Doctor Who is not specifically made for Steve Lowe, if you don’t like the new episodes it doesn’t mean Doctor Who is a failure under Steven Moffat. Doctor Who is becoming more popular worldwide and I think this is shown by the number of people going to the Doctor Who convention. Also I would argue that the show was more of a soap opera under Russel T Davies. I think the doctor did married River Song in a aborted timeline and it was the robot who married her anyway. Also the US Sherlock is extremally unlikely to be better than Sherlock let alone slaughter it, my personal opinion is that Sherlock is extremally good and the US would have to perform a miracle to make Elementary better than Sherlock. How would you like it if you made a successful TV program and someone wanted to make their own version which has the potential to harm the TV show that you made?

      • Really, was I watching another program? Did Amy not have a baby? Did they not suggest the Doctor get married? If Doctor Who is not failing under SM, explain why last years was split into 2. Explain why this year they are only showing 5 episodes? Explain why BBC books are not doing the books like they did for the 9th and 10th Doctor?
        Could it be, as I have been told by a member of the production team, the series is out of control, spending is out of control? Did not Neil Gorman say his episode was held over to MS second series due to their not being enough money in the 2010 budget? Did not SM cut the budget back when the episode was recorded for the 2011 series?
        How was the series more of a Soap Opera under RTD? Again was I watching the wrong series? In the one you watched, did the Doctor marry Donna Noble? In the one you watched, did Rose have Micky’s baby which turned into a Timelord?
        SM is pulling down a great series and I know from first hand experience that his version of Doctor Who would not be popular with any of the first 3 Doctor’s.
        SM, and I don’t anyone who would disagree with me, who would not agree with me that SM is more interested in Sherlock than Doctor Who. You only have to tell in the style of the writing for the series. In last years Doctor Who series, SM provided no new ideas. Both the 2010 and 2011 christmas specials were plagiarised, nothing new in the ideas at all!
        Prove me wrong…..

        • Ben265

          You might be watching the same program but you are probably unaware of the appeal for the new series. At no point did I deny the existence of the baby. If Doctor Who was really in serious financial trouble don’t you think it is a very easy job for the CFO of the BBC to axe it. Since the CFO mentioned something about Doctor Who positively and said the BBC will continue to invest in it I doubt this is the case. Also overspending in the short run is not extremally bad unless the trend continues every year. Also how senior is the production member you talked to? Is he an accoutant or financial expert? Also if you are complaining about the financials then why don’t you spend your energy complaining about the production accountants. Although I have heard rumours about issues about the production also I am not sure why they have introduced a new script editor but I do not know for certain how bad it is. However doctor who on screen is entertaining millions of people and it is not a failure. I do not know why the timings have changed possibly because it is better to air doctor who in the winter and also it makes it coincide with the 50th anniversary in 2013. Also I can explain very well why they are showing 5 episodes this year, it is because they are not showing 5 they are showing 6 episodes this year. I have no idea about what is happening about the books didn’t know there is an issues about them, but I am guessing they are cutting back on it because they want to reduce spending. Also I felt they released far too many books. Well what you said about Gaiman’s episode happens most of the time where there is a situation where they cannot afford something, it also shows there is some restraint over the budget whihc contradicts some of the things you are going on about. Also some of the things in the RTD were more stupid than some of the thing you complain about Moffat’s era, Martha randomly being married to micky despite the last time we heard she married a doctor and also there were far too much time spent on the companion’s families. The christmas speicals were not plagiarised otherwise they would be exactly the same and there would be litigation. Also I much prefered those two to the abysmal End of Time which I think is the worst doctor who episode that has ever been made and therefore anything else is a vast improvement. By the way I am not against RTD but I am extremally annnoyed at people who believe their own view of Doctor Who is gospel truth. Also just because everyone you kknow says soemthing doesn’t mean it is true. Also how do you know William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee would have hated the new series? because they sadly  passed away years before the new series aired.