• ShalkaDoctor

    Great review! Seeing it soon myself so can’t comment. Lots of negative critic reviews out though but fans seem to be loving it.

  • UnknownNightmare

    OMG a postive review!

  • Christoph The Sky Sorcerer

    My big question: does it make the same mistakes as Man Of Steel? Because ALL the trailers made it look that way.

    • sontaran17

      As someone who enjoyed Man of Steel I’m not sure I’ll be able to give you the best answer. What I will say is that a) this is in a whole other league next to MoS and b) The trailers are quite different to the movie

      • Christoph The Sky Sorcerer

        Okay, yeah, should have been more specific. My big problems with MoS were…

        1) Overly moody. The film was WAY too pointlessly gritty and serious for a Superman movie. I know that superhero movies don’t need to be comedies, but I think The Avengers has long proved that it’s possible for a superhero movie to be good while still enjoying itself.

        2) Lack of color. Half the time in MoS it looked like Zack Snyder wanted to film the movie in black-and-white, the colors were so muted.

        3) The Jesus imagery. Good GOD they were unsubtle with the Jesus imagery in that movie.

        The trailers make it look like this movie is suffering from all the same issues, plus more. My biggest concern is that it looks like they’re trying to shoehorn in the entire Justice League in this movie (unlike Marvel, who gave each of the main Avengers their own film before bringing them together). Wonder Woman in particular got exactly two seconds of screen time in the trailer, and I’m seriously worried she won’t be getting the screen time she so richly deserves.

        • sontaran17

          1) As far as I would say – BvS matches the atmosphere of the comic books, up to you whether you consider it ‘too moody’ – but thats part of it.
          2) Not something I can really judge on once again – can’t really see how it’s a major issue, but each to their own. I will say – superhero movies aren’t all meant to be colourful and witty and fun, that’s what Marvel has done and that approach has (sometimes) worked for them – but it’s not a criteria that BvS should be judged against.
          3) It’s a divine character – There is of course going to be Jesus imagery in a film focused on a messiah-like character, which Superman has always been
          4) Wonder Woman’s role is more of an observer for a good chunk of the film, but she’s not wasted in any way. Marvel played a long game – to some degree that worked for them. The way BvS has set the JL up and it’s looks towards the future is their own approach – and quite frankly I found to be 60000% more successful and powerful than Marvels in this case.

          • Gustaff

            I just saw the movie.
            It’s long. Uncomfortably long. i do believe the critics are being too hard but I agree it’s not a very good movie. Didn’t like the Flash cameo. It goes against what Zack said he didn’t use Grant for.

            6/10 for me.
            Loved Batman and Wonder Woman though.
            It’s weird but Flash/Supergirl crossover looks more fun.

            I do believe BvS could’ve been a 9 if they just cut it to 2h and injected a little more humor into the script. I also thought some of the chars were underused and Jessie’s Luthor is cringy..

          • sontaran17

            Each to their own, but the duration didn’t bother me in the slightest – I thought it was needed for the in-depth character studies which really made it for me. The Flash cameo wouldn’t have worked with Grant – 1) because the entire tone of the film is so far seperate from the show (aka the main reason Zack said he didn’t choose that path) and 2) It would just be stupid to launch a cinematic universe and have your plots dictated by a shows canon and existence. On the humour – once again I think that’s trying to inject some disney flare into the script, which works well for Marvel – but doesn’t set a precedent for Superhero movies – especially not gritty dramas that have that tone specifically to meet the atmosphere of the comics

          • Gustaff

            I’ve always been glad Grant wasn’t cast for the movie. He has a great series and the movie-verse seems to do worse with every movie. BvS is almost critically panned by non-comicbook fans.

            Actually, I found it contradicting that Snyder said the Flash show was too light in tone (despite all the crap that’s happened this and last season), yet the first thing this new darker and gritier Flash does is make a time travel joke.

            And I agree about the Disney flare, but that doesn’t mean you can’t inject ANY humor into the script. besides, look where a movie that has no heart and love and fun has landed the DCEU. Almost every critic dislikes this movie and I don’t believe for a second they are all marvel fanboys or non-comic book readers. Sometimes an average movie is just an average money.

            BvS will make it’s money. I have no doubt about that, but while Marvel has found a middle ground between entertaining their fans and non-comic book people, DC is quickly establishing that unless you’re a hardcore fan, their movie isn’t for you and I believe that’s a step in the wrong direction.

          • sontaran17

            “look where a movie that has no heart and love and fun has landed the DCEU” – overwhelming support by the people and community it was made for? Audiences are loving it, there’s no question about it.

          • Gustaff

            I think you mean DC fans are loving it.
            The general audience seem to think of it as an okay film. It’s 7.5 on IMDB based on over 120K people.

            Not a bad score, but not what I was expecting after waiting 3 years for this movie. I didn’t want Lex “McTwitch” Luthor.

  • TheCultFactor

    I have no idea who to trust.
    RT says it’s bad.
    Telegraph says its bad.
    The Verge (one of my favourite tech websites).

    Cult-Fix calls it amazing.
    IMDb called it great.

    Out of everything, I probs trust IMDb and Cult-Fix the most, though even IMDb ratings are slowly dropping.

    • sontaran17

      There really seems to be a massive divide between fan opinion and critical reception. This is why we can’t have nice things!

  • Tom Elliott

    Only two questions, avoiding spoilers…
    Does the new Flash appear, and are there opening titles?

    • sontaran17

      Hello! Yes the flash does appear – they’ve made his cameo the most intriguing and goose-bump inducing of them all, REALLY cool hints towards the future. The opening credits accompany the opening scene (which is emotional and stunning and just brilliant) – but not what I would call titles, not in the sense of a TV Show opening titles

      • Tom Elliott

        Ah, cool, thanks! Sounds very intriguing. And glad they have some form of titles this time!