• sontaran17

    I actually had the complete opposite reaction to this film, loved the first 30 minutes of Barbara Gorden’s story (For me this was the highlight) – And thought that both the Jokers backstory and the final killing joke sequence was handled appallingly. The remainder was suitably dark though and I really enjoyed it – the ending for me just botched things completely and lacked the atmosphere of the comic book

    • Gustaff

      Given what Joker did to Barbara, I also think the two of them laughing at the end felt very out of place. I mean someone paralyzes my best friend and instead of beating the crap out of them, I share a joke and then fade to black…not likely.

    • I don’t fully know what to make of the ending but considering how screwed up Batman and the Joker’s relationship is, it’s fair to say that due to the circumstances of the narrative, and the fact that the two of them are finally having a moment to connect, it seems sort of fitting to conclude with them both laughing.

  • Yoshfiction loves Supergirl

    I’m disappointed to see the movie get such a positive review. I found it utterly disappointing.
    The treatment of Babs is even worse here than it was in the comic, the g*y stereotype is something I cannot forgive and Barbara was only there as a lust object for Batman and Joker.
    They still didn’t get into how Barbara felt with all this, it’s classic fridging.
    And what we did get isn’t even all that great and didn’t fit with all the other parts of the movie. After Joker fridged Babs, Batman would never have laughed with him like that.
    The Killing Joke gets by due to it’s reputation, but it is completely unearned.
    One of the worst Batman stories I have ever read/seen. I could forgive it if this was made maybe 20 years ago, but this is unacceptable in this day and age.