Glad to see the writer of this wasn’t biased or a lover of Merlin at all…

    • PK-S.

      I saw one episode of Merlin. I’m no fan of it, and this isn’t an opinion piece.

      • TARDIS44

        Not a fan of Merlin??! You should get into it, it’s awesome

  • The Oncoming Dougal

    I really don’t have high hopes for this, but I really enjoyed the snarky trailer breakdown, more please!

  • Fadedeathdave

    I think the ‘wife of Greek Anthony Head’ actually played a monster who married Anthony Head in a two-parter of Merlin ages ago, not certain though

  • SuperCalebxy

    “I’m fairly sure that this shot was to show all the naysayers that they didn’t film it entirely in Wales.”

    To be fair, Wales has an exceptional amount of castles and is very mountainous (particularly North Wales).

  • Knowles2

    Seem more about Greece than Atlantis.

  • Nimueh123

    OMG I giggled through the whole of this brilliant commentary. It is sooooo true.

    ‘Also this Jason fellow must be magic because nobody can jump like that and survive.’ He probably IS magic but he has to keep it a secret.
    I am sure the cave set must be the same as Merlin’s – it is virtually identical. As are so many of the ideas they seem to be using. (Naked torsos being one!)

  • Steve Willis

    I didn’t know the Greeks had coliseums where people murdered each other/beasts.

    I thought the Greeks had entertainment, which the Romans then borrowed and corrupted it by adding blood.

    The Greeks had boxing. But the Romans thought the best way to improve the sport was to give each combatant knuckle-dusters.
    I agree with the Romans.

    Maybe the shirtless hinting-coliseum shot is actually before a Greek drama performance. A drama with a topless man in it.

  • The Gentleman

    I to have high hopes, I do like Merlin and this looks to be a fitting successor.