• Gustaff

    Does anybody still care about this show?

    • ShalkaDoctor

      Yep I do.

      And I must say I always find it baffling when people take the time to make a mocking comment about something they supposedly don’t care about. Why did you even click?

    • Aislin

      I do too. Actually, the show has really passionate fans. If it doesn’t hold your interest, walk away but don’t mock the loving fanbase.

  • Ben Roberts

    Must admit I’m incredibly underwhelmed by this trailer, and by extension this series so far. A lot of the clips here are ones we’ve already seen in promotional material at the beginning of the series etc, and those that are new clips just look like more of the same.

    I’ll watch the rest of this series simply to see Atlantis through to the end, but series two has been extremely disappointing. If they put as much effort into ensuring diverse storytelling as they did into making the show look and feel like a poor-man’s Early Learning Center Game of Thrones, It may actually be quite decent.

    • ShalkaDoctor

      I disagree. This series has been an improvement on S1. Far darker, no
      childish humour and an actual continuing storyline with some good
      cliffhangers and plot developments. If you’re expecting another Game of
      Thrones then that was never going to happen in a family show shown at