• The Administrator is Hannibal

    Loved Episode 1. It was funny and exciting. Saturday nights for the foreseeable future are sorted.

  • TheRoastNewt

    First impressions?

    Very enjoyable. Perhaps a bit silly at points, but then I wasn’t expecting anything like Game of Thrones. I enjoyed meeting the characters and the land of Atlantis was very impressive. I look forward to seeing more of this over the coming weeks.

  • AmyPondIsAwesome

    It was very good. It seemed a bit off near the start but it got much better nearer the end, and it may have just been like that because I was watching a new series, it may improve on re-watch. But yeah it was very good, and t certainly has the potential to be an amazing series.

  • Steve Willis

    I think Pythagoras out stages the other two ‘main trio’. Which is slightly annoying as Jason is the lead. Perhaps the actor who plays Jason warms a little bit more.
    Maybe I couldn’t invest in the Jason feels at home at Atlantis therefore he isn’t still having a mental breakdown.

  • Jack

    Episode 1 – resolutely okay.
    Episode 2 – pretty good, actually.
    Episode 3 – a bit of a step down, okayish
    Episode 4 – really really bad
    Episode 5 – pretty bad
    Episode 6 – goodish
    Episode 7 – really really really bad
    Episode 8 – almost good
    Episode 9 – almost good