• The Administrator is Hannibal

    Well. This is a surprise. And here I thought it was set in the past. Unless there’s some sort of time portal thing but that may be unlikely.

    • losttimelord14

      might be might be

    • TARDIS44

      Plus it looks like “the lost city of Atlantis” might actually be a lost city after all

  • YellowEternal

    Ah Ha! I wasn’t expecting this! What an interesting development. Nice move by the BBC, now I understand they were trying to mislead us all along!

  • Koshei

    Hmm, so if “Merlin” moves from mythological past to modern world then “Atlantis” moves from modern world to mythological past? I hope father-son story wouldn’t be like in “Merlin” too.

    • Calebxy

      Merlin went to the modern world?!

      • Koshei

        Have you seen last episode of it?

        • Calebxy

          No, I don’t watch Merlin. So I don’t mind spoilers. :P

          • Koshei

            In the end of the series Merlin is shown as a modern day hobo probably still waiting for Arthur to come back.

          • Calebxy

            Oh. Wow…

          • Koshei

            That’s was my impression when I saw it! :)

  • snowcat60

    interesting concept and a surprise….TPTB are very creative. I just wish they had been more “creative” with the Merlin ending. I probably will watch Altantis though Merlin will always be my favorite show.