• Well these have all been very insightful. And I for one have to applaud the BBC for really putting out all the stops with these videos. I’m only worried that they may be too spoilery for some.

  • Wow! I really love these great trailers as they really get my heart pumping with excitement. Although, the top one went too far in my opinion and what I feared has happened. Releasing several teaser trailers is fine, but having one over 10-seconds is a bit too spoilery!

    • Friend of the Ood

      Especially when have of it is just: Alantis!

  • ShalkaDoctor

    Quit whining complainers. These are TEASER trailers. The clue is in the title: designed to “tease” . You’ll get a full blown trailer soon.

    • Steve Willis

      But, there comes a point where “teasing” becomes “pestering”.