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Atlantis: Meet Pythagoras

Robert-Emms-Atlantis-Pythagoras,Robert Emms has been cast as one of the leads in BBC’s Merlin replacement series, Atlantis.

The actor’s more recent roles include the films War Horse and Mirror Mirror. This year he’ll star as Insect Man in Kick Ass 2.

Emms will play the character Pythagoras, Greek philosopher and mathematician.

Atlantis is created by Merlin’s Howard Overman and Executive produced by Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy.

The 13-episode series brings to life the vast store of Greek myths and legends.

It will broadcast this Autumn on BBC One.

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  • Calebxy

    *cough*yes the myths were greek but they weren’t based on greek events and people and things*cough*

    This sounds rather interesting, and I’ll probably watch a few episodes. I love Greek mythology, and I’ll be interested to see how they portray them.

  • ThirdofEight

    LOVED him in Mirror Mirror – yes, I actually liked that movie, but it would have been even better if he’d had more scenes in it. I am actually beginning to develop more than a casual interest in this series.


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