• PK-S has a leather bikini on

    I’d consider reviewing this. It looks pretty darn fabby.

  • The Administrator is Merlin

    This looks great. Maybe it’s my Merlin withdrawal talking, maybe not, but I’m seriously going to watch this.

    • Time Vortex

      It seems 1st season is going to be about the thing that makes them go underwater, or it’s the 1st episode

  • lp229

    I’ll try and stay optimistic. I still have not forgiven the producers for the way they ended ‘Merlin’. I hope that they will take ‘Atlantis’ beyond its founding concept and try to be more inventive with the stories rather than recycling plots exhaustively as they did with ‘Merlin’.

  • ThePowerofTwelve

    I’ve applied to review this! I really hope I get the job. This show looks really good!

    • Pdurston

      I hope you get it mate! :D

      • ThePowerofTwelve

        Thanks Pdurston :-)