• It sounds like the exact same premise of Merlin, just with Greek Mythology: A young man journeying to a new land to discover himself and there he learns that he has a great destiny…

    Hmm, but still, it looks interesting enough; I’ll be giving it a go :)

    • ShalkaDoctor

      Looks good, but yeah, the similarities to Merlin are pretty evident.

      Jason = Arthur
      Pythagoras = Merlin
      Oracle lady = Dragon
      Alexander Siddig = Uther
      Nice girl = love interest
      Evil girl = Morgana
      Magic beasties
      Even the cave looks the same!

      Still I liked Merlin, so more of the same is OK, as long as they vary things a bit. Hopefully Jason won’t be keeping a secret for 5 years!

      • Agreed with all points. The scene where Jason grabs the flaming stick thing looks the exact same as where Merlin meets the Great Dragon in the cave!

        And haha! Yes! XD

        • ShalkaDoctor

          Maybe they can get John Hurt to guest star!

          • As long as he’s not a dragon! ;D

          • ShalkaDoctor

            How about a Minotaur?

          • GENIUS! :O !

    • The Watchful Guardian

      That is more or less exactly what I thought. This is very similar to Merlin, but I’ll definitely give it a go.

      That cave scene with the torch was Merlin-esque.

  • Stevie

    Looks pretty cheesy, cheap & unoriginal. It’s Merlin in another setting. Definitely won’t be watching.

    • The Watchful Guardian

      You should at least watch the first episode and judge it from that and not the trailer.

      • Indeed; I thought the same about the Merlin trailer. Then I ended up loving the show! I’m willing to give it chance based on the fact that the first 3 series of Merlin were some wonderful television (4 and 5 got very repetitive). :)

      • Stevie

        It’s from the same writers as Merlin… and the creators of Merlin… with that, and the trailer, I have a pretty decent idea of what it’s going to be like already. If I’m truthful, I found Merlin extremely boring most of the time.

    • Peripherus

      If you saw Merlin’s first trailers in this situation you would have said the same…

      • Guest

        And I’d havd been right.

        • Peripherus

          If you think Merlin was cheesy, cheap & unoriginal, then you’re insane.

  • Meh… Preferred the previous trailers. This one contained 51 seconds too much.

  • I’m interested. The sets look pretty damn impressive if nothing else.

  • Dalekbuster523

    Doesn’t look as good as Doctor Who but could be worth a watch.

  • Epicduda

    THIS…LOOKS…BAD!!!!!!!!! I’ll probably watch it but I’ll probably hate it.

  • TheOncomingFish

    It looks exactly the same as Merlin… the cave even looks like exactly the same set. I’ll watch it, but I don’t think I’ll like it that much. It sort of feels like it’s trying to imitate Merlin to me. I did really like Merlin, but I’m not sure I’ll like this. Still, I’ll try to reserve judgements for when I’ve actually seen it I guess :P

    • TARDIS44

      If that minotaur acts the same as the Great Dragon, I give up

    • lp229

      I don’t mind if the set up is similar to ‘Merlin’. My concerns are that the producers will not take their premise forward as the show proceeds.
      Although I loved ‘Merlin’ from S1-4. This was my biggest frustration with the show. To ignore the ending of Arthur’s death ( they should have stuck to the coming of age tale they promised in S1), there were ways in which the situations of the characters could change with Merlin keeping his secret. They lost an opportunity for example, to kill off Gaius in S5 and make Merlin the new court physician which would have brought us a more egalitarian and far more charming relationship between Arthur and Merlin. The writers were generally lazy both in the development of other characters and the plots that they experienced. I doubt the conservative aristocrats would have passively accepted a servant to become their Queen. Uther’s indifferent views of his social inferiors expressed in S1 would have been the standard of the day. The revelation that Aithussa healed Morgana at the end of S4 was a golden opportunity, but the producers didn’t give a reason why she was able to defy the last Dragonlord, and why she chose to. They lost out on creating an interesting dynamic between Morgana and Aithussa when it was decided that the young dragon couldn’t speak.

      I will be less tolerant with ‘Atlantis’ if I feel a sense of stagnation and all of its signs including recycled plots, little character development etc.

  • The Administrator is Jason

    It looks pretty good. I will be giving this a watch. Plus it seems Jack Donnelly as Jason is going to replace Bradley James as the king of the “Weekly shirtless scene”.

  • Whovian Down Under

    It won’t even come close to how good Merlin was, but as long as its better than Sinbad, it can’t be too bad.

    • SuperCalebxy

      Did BBC make a Sinbad series?

      • Whovian Down Under

        I’m pretty sure it was the company that made Primeval. Sinbad was released in 2012 and in my opinion it was pretty weak.

        • SuperCalebxy

          Thanks; I’ll look into that.