• Richard Lloyd

    Excellent review. I’m really angry that they cancelled Atlantis, such a shame we won’t be getting a third series.

  • The Exploding TARDIS

    RIP Atlantis.

  • Mark McCullough

    Excellent review John. I’ve been really enjoying this run of Atlantis and am absolutely gutted that the show got cancelled. I’m secretly hoping another channel will maybe pick it up.

  • ShalkaDoctor

    Yeah the show wasn’t perfect but it was vastly improved in S2. They should have started with this series rather than the patchy mess of the first.Those people that stopped watching didn’t get to see how much it improved.

    The ending was frustrating as hell because it wasn’t an ending! Rather a set-up for more and the Golden Fleece would have been great to explore.

    Now surely knowing there would be no more episodes the producers could’ve edited out Pasiphae’s resurrection and just had it end as Jason and co return to the kingdom to reclaim the throne, rather than leave on a cliffhanger that they knew would never be resolved. They knew months in advance the show was never returning. It was just cruel to leave the audience like that.

    So BBC now you killed Atlantis where is the replacement show? Or did you just decide to make more reality, soaps and gameshows…