• Cyruptsaram

    I’m sorry to say, but I was very displeased with the episode. The show draws inspiration from most television shows and in consequence has become far too cliched. On top of that, the main actors, apart from Mark Addy and Sarah Parish, are weak in their portrayal, especially Aiysha Hart, who’s emotional range is very thin from what I can see. In contrast to your review, I found the Grey Sisters scene laughable and nonsensical, in particular Jason stealing the eye, and their ludicrous portrayal was neither scary nor impressive (even though the make-up and costume deserved to be).

    Howard Overman always seems to stick to a writing template which provides Jason to be accompanied by Hercules and Pythagoras to seek out either a cure, a monster or a quest of some sort where there’s a clock ticking someone’s survival. And always, at the very end, someone is either saved or killed. Even including distractions such as the giant pterodactyl-like birds didn’t help to compensate for this overused storyline.

    The scenes that I did enjoy were as you say, mentions of Medusa and Hercules’ longing to be reunited with her, Pasiphae speaking alone to Jason in his cell, and Hercules and Orpheus, the latter showed a great side to the theme of love that has consistently appeared throughout this second series. Other than that, I found the Grey Sisters to be the worst of the second series so far, and it left my expectations low for the rest of the series.

    If you were comparing your rating to the rest of the Atlantis series, then I may be able to justify you giving it a 10, but in comparison to shows such as Doctor Who, Game of Thrones and Outlander, this show would not get higher than a 7 in my book. But it’s your opinion, so I won’t complain.