• Steve Willis

    I felt Circe was dealt with abruptly.

    It was clever how she was slain, but I felt the scene could have been longer, given she was such a menace. It felt like the finale of Series 1 of Merlin with that Wizard who just gets zapped and *poof* game over. They probably wanted the second part to not be too cluttered. I hope part 2 is better than part 1 to justify Circe being killed “too early and quickly”.

    I would like Pasiphae to die, but I worried what Atlantis could do with regards to an over-arcing villain/menace next series. I guess they could kick off the Medusa arc and turn her into the Villain of legend.

    The best moments of Atlantis is when they incorporate Greek mythology into the narrative, or actually have character development. So I am eagerly awaiting the “Jason and the Argonauts”, which judging by Merlin, will on surface in series 5. I can wait…

  • Huknar

    The problem I find with Atlantis, and this episode is no exception, it is so predictable. Enough to be boring.