10/10. Really?! Is John Hussey on the BBC payroll? Look anywhere else and this show is getting poor to mixed reviews every single week from critics and viewers alike, yet this guy gives almost every episode full marks and just praises everything. Baffling.

    • The Administrator

      Or… people have different opinions?

      • NSAF

        What’s the point of him even reviewing when every episode is a 10/10 or when you don’t criticise anything?

        • Gustaff

          If you’re so concerned, why don’t you review an episode?
          Five comments and all you do is bi*** and moan. Doesn’t it tire you out or do you put an effort into sounding like a complete jerk?

          It’s people like you that make people like John and I regret writing and try to entertain the masses. Keep that in mind with your next comment.

    • Its called having an opinion. And no, I’m not on the BBC payroll, nor do I have anything to do with the BBC in fact. I enjoy the series, so get with the programme. I’m reviewing it how I see it and I like what I see. It isn’t perfect I agree but its still entertaining to recieve high marks in my eyes. I’m not going to down grade it when I see no reason to. If I come across an episode I find bad, then fair enough it shall be downgraded and I shall speak about my disappointments. What other reviewers and websites put is none of my concern. That is simply there opinion. Nothing more, nothing less. If they hate or aren’t quite sure about it then fair enough, that is there opinion. But this is mine and being a jerk about isn’t going to change that. You can either respect my opinion or do another mature action of simply not reading them. I understand and respect if you don’t agree with my opinion but I don’t take kindly to you being a jerk about it. Think of other peoples feelings before speaking in future.

  • Steve Willis

    I felt the episode was a stepping stone episode (like Merlin had).

    Where the sole purpose is to establish plot points (Hercules still loves Medusa. Jason meets a future Ally of importance) and have a semi interesting story among it.

    If you look at it as the Epilogue to Pandora’s Box then it would be a more positive episode.

    It was better than watching 45mins of nothingness.

  • 4th Jack

    I actually agree with the 10/10. The best episode to date. The only thing I wasn’t too happy about was the ending and Medusa’s part of the story. Wasn’t very well executed. But, apart from that this was the best episode so far.