• Steve Willis

    My gripe with the episode was that it unintentionally was misogynistic.

    Pandora’s box was given to Pandora, the world’ first woman.

    Medusa who was a woman was the only one who was weak to succum to the temptation.

    I know the writers wanted an interesting way for Medusa to turn into evil. But unfortunately they came across these parallels. I really liked the episode otherwise. I just wished that Pythagoras/Hercules/Jason showed signs of temptation to open the box. I don’t like unintentional sexism, it’s just unfortunate.

  • Joel Mole

    It’s a bit early for Medusa to turn evil is it?

  • Jack

    I thought this episode was a bit of an improvement for the otherwise frustratingly mediocre series but there’s still a long way to go. For one, the lack of continuity is shocking – I’m sorry, but there’s no way that Medusa would ever be able to reciprocate Hercules’ feelings for her after what he did in enslaving her back in the sixth? episode. Also, the dialogue in that scene was abysmal, although the delivery managed to lift it up a little. It would be nice if Kyros had been the merchant from The Furies, to give a bit of serialization to the show. Also, everything with Pythagoras was far too silly and destroyed the immersion. The Underworld was an interesting destination, although didn’t the dude in the loincloth say Persephone would lead them there? Yet another example of poor short term memory from the writers. What really bothered me was the implementation of Cyrus – he’s nothing more than a cipher, and they don’t finish his story well enough. Like you, I am disgusted at his fate. Also, Kampe (you got the spelling wrong there) is meant to be a winged dragon women with snakes for feet who spits acid and fights with two scimitars. Why couldn’t they have gone down that route instead of going for the scorpion thing? Come on, dragon woman would be badass. If they wanted a damned scorpion, couldn’t they have just not given it a name, or made something up? Also, Kampe’s warning to Jason (who cant act, FYI) would have had far more impact after Medusa’s fate – is it a coincidence that they both had to do with Pandora’s box and both are kinda sorta snakey? I think not. Maybe Kampe opened the box and so was cursed. These are little obvious things that I thought the writers would have went for. Also, I think it’s a little too early for Medusa to turn, although it was done quite nicely. However, something that was both badly conceptualized and badly executed was Jason’s scene with the Oracle at the end. He asks for the truth, then acts like a whiny petty child when it is given to him. I credit this to a bad script and a lack of acting ability from Jack Donnelly, who remains as wooden as ever in this episode.