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Atlantis: 108 “The Furies” Teasers


  1. It’s a miracle! Pythagoras finally gets some much-needed character depth
  2. Definitely one of the creepier episodes so far
  3. Pythagoras has a dark secret…
  4. …And the new girl on the scene is hiding something too
  5. “Hear me, daughters of the night, to you whom feel my suffering”
  6. Hercules wants to kiss Jason
  7. “It’s sacred to the Furies, spirits who pursue murderers like them”
  8. The Furies. Think the smoke monster from Lost, only greyer
  9. “It’s my fate, not yours. I won’t think any less of you”
  10. “This is it forever, until I die”

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  • Joel Mole

    Pythagoras gets depth. HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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