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Atlantis: 108 “The Furies” Review – Cult Fix
  • Steve Willis

    My only gripe I had with the episode was the feeling of lacking Medusa. Would be nice if she was more than just the woman Hercules sincerely loves. And that’s a gripe with the series rather than this specific episode.

    If Medusa will do the Morganna thing and end up being a baddy, the turncoat would be even more painful (and effective) if we got invested in her more.

    Perhaps having a fourth active character in the gang might clutter it. But, I still would like more Medusa.

  • 4th Jack

    I hated the way the episode was structured. Writing and directing didn’t fit very well. The idea of the Furies worked well, but I hated the fact that they were just bundles of dust and wind. Robert Emms was great with what he was given. I’d say this is the worst episode so far and I know Atlantis can do better than that. Personally, I felt that this script was still on the first draft, or wasn’t well imagined on screen. Didn’t work for me. Looking forward for the next episode though…

  • Jack

    10/10? What kind of television do you watch if you think this merits full marks?

    OK, let me explain everything that was wrong with this episode.

    1) Arcas. I don’t know whether it was the writing or the actor or a combination of both but there was nothing sympathetic or interesting about hi m at all. Most of the episode I just wanted him to die so we could focus on something else. He just comes off as petty and annoying, and he could have been done a lot better.

    2) Baucis. Good premise, lots of intrigue, good writing and acting – no resolution. And by the sounds of it, we’re not going to see much more of her. Couldn’t they have at least satisfactorily resolved her story? There was room for some nice depth here.

    3) Why did nobody punish Arcas? I mean, he forgave Pythagoras and everything but one of the men died because of what he had done.

    4) The Furies themselves weren’t menacing or scary at all. I like the idea of them being non-corporeal and playing with the characters minds, but just repeatedly appearing as dust-devils reeks of a lack of inspiration, or a low budget. Also, how come the winds simultaneously pull some people in and others away? How does that work?

    5) ALL THESE BLOODY HEROICS. This is my biggest complaint. Pythagoras has NOT grown enough as a character for him to be willing to sacrifice his life to save his friends. You need to wait a long time before your characters are developed enough for that to work. If you’ve seen Buffy, you’ll remember that in Prophecy Girl, Buffy actually quits and refuses to make the sacrifices required. And this was after 12 episodes, with a character who is far deeper and more complex than anything Atlantis will ever be able to achieve.

    6) The lack of Pasiphae. She’s the best-acted and best-written character on the show. Use her more.

    For me, this is a 5/10. Had a lot of promise but terribly executed. Hope Atlantis can do better.

  • Joel Mole

    It was a this episode that I finally got bored of Atlantis and stopped watching it