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Atlantis: 106 “The Song Of The Sirens” Teasers

atlantis 106 (7)

Here are Cult Fix’s ten hints and teasers for this Saturday’s episode of Atlantis.

  1. Opening line: “Not enough to go around”
  2. It’s a very Hercules centric episode
  3. Something deeply unpleasant happens to Medusa
  4. We meet a dangerous relation of a certain royal
  5. Oink, oink. Who’s that?
  6. Jason makes a pact he will regret
  7. “…Plucked from the foaming jaws of Cerberus”
  8. Is that a harpy?
  9. “You must give her your most precious possession”
  10. Jason is scarred

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  • Moxx

    Something deeply unpleasant happens to Medusa.

    She’s forced to watch the whole episode back again…!


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