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Atlantis: 106 “The Song Of The Sirens” Review – Cult Fix
  • Joel Mole

    Circe’s sister was Pasiphae not Ariadne (btw great review and I’m glad you took over from Patrick)

  • 4th Jack

    Nice to see a review up! Thank you!

  • Nimueh123

    Are you really enjoying it? You sound incredibly enthusiastic.
    I have tried to like it but still feel that it does not really grab me. There seems to be a distinct lack of chemistry between the main trio.

    • lp229

      Watching ‘Atlantis’ makes me realise how much I miss ‘Merlin’, at least from S1-4 anyway.With its lack direction, I can’t get into JC and JM’s latest creation. While I don’t mind Jason and Pythagoras, I am finding Hercules tiresome already and I doubt his likely to change significantly in S1 if at all. it is difficult in general, however, to be emotionally invested in the characters.

      • Nimueh123

        Yeah, I do miss Merlin, as well.:)