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Atlantis: 106 “The Song Of The Sirens” Gallery

Pictures courtesy of the BBC.

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  • Joel Mole

    Finally, they seem to mention Pythagoras’ triangles again!!

  • TARDIS44

    I’m guessing Robert Emms didn’t work out enough before taking this role.
    Jason is consistently pointlessly topless, Hercules appears to spend this next episode topless, but Pythagoras is safe.

    The BBC really doesn’t like tops on men…

    • Steve Willis

      If you’re desperate to see Robert Emms flesh, then Google is your friend.

      • TARDIS44

        I’m pretty good on that one, thanks.
        If, however, you can do the same for Ariadne, I’m all ears

        • Steve Willis

          Google is also your friend. In less you mean the actor (I prefer using the term actor for both male and female actors).

          • TARDIS44

            Was that supposed to say “unless”? If not, what do you mean?

          • Steve Willis

            There’s plenty of fleshy images of Ariadne from myth on Google.
            But I don’t think there is any of the actress.

  • Handbot10

    why are nearly all the photos with Hercules’ shirt off


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