• Steve Willis

    Certainly looks like it’ll be informative character-wise.

    • lp229

      Yes, hopefully this will be the episode when things finally get moving.

      • Nimueh123

        And it is about time, too.
        So far we have not found out too much why Jason has ended up in Atlantis. So far he does not seem to care either and is just happy having a couple of adventures with his newly found friends.

        • lp229

          Yes, and this part of the setting is what I am really interested in. Like you, I am finding it a bit silly that Jason seems to just blend in with ancient world without any difficulty. The writers, in my opinion, are missing some good story telling opportunities regarding Jason getting used to his new surroundings.

          Overall, I am enjoying the series, but I am finding it a bit weak and lacking in substance. It certainly hasn’t got me on the hook like ‘Merlin’ did in its early years.