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Atlantis: 105 “White Lies” Teasers

atlantis 105 (5)

Below are Cult Fix’s ten hints and teasers for Saturday’s episode.

  1. Opening line: “I love you.”
  2. A certain ‘friend’ of Hercules makes notable appearances, almost becoming one of the gang.
  3. “I thought Princess Ariadne might be able to tell us more.”
  4. Stop the press, he’s got his top off!
  5. “I was hoping I might speak with you… alone.”
  6. Pasiphaë is in full-on horrible baddie mode here, taking out some anger on the unsuspecting Oracle.
  7. “And what about your own future?”
  8. This week’s episode is very royal-centric, so fans of the Pythagoras/Jason/Hercules bromance will be disappointed they don’t get that much screentime together.
  9. “She warned me that I must be careful.”
  10. What a fetching ruined city. I do like a ruined city.

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