• Joel Mole

    oh man… this episode looks good :D

  • Steve Willis

    I do feel sorry for the Jason-Gang. Every week they get involved in a deathly plotline. Atlantis seems a very dangerous place to live.

    • TARDIS44

      It seems just about everything will likely cost them their lives. And it’s always THEM, the poor sods

      • Steve Willis

        I suppose an episode where they do a food shop and wash their clothes would be a very dull one. In less Jason strides around topless I guess…

    • Nimueh123

      Don’t feel sorry for the guys. Getting into trouble is in their job description. Will I even wonder if they get away??? :)
      The identity of the baby though – that is an interesting one.

  • Does anyone else think the bull-jump-teacher guy from this weekend’s episode would make a fantastic Master?
    He has the look of Delgado and Ainley about him…